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203 SE Marine Dr,
Vancouver, BC V5X 3L6
TEL: 604-327-4898

8669 Tenth Avenue,
Burnaby, BC V6N 2S9

TEL: 604-540-9255

Vancouver, BC

203 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 3L6


8669 10th Ave, Burnaby, BC V3N 2S9
Shubham Malik
Shubham Malik
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This is a great chicken place, the food here is awesome and the outlet has one of the best and friendly staff. Loved their roasted spicy chicken, the chicken’s marination and texture was amazing with the perfect tangy-ness. Definitely recommend this place, would love to visit again.
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Staff were all super friendly! Loved their baked chicken, it was juicy with a nice sweet and tangy spicy taste to it. Would definitely be back for some more baked chicken and their deep fried mac n cheese! It's also a plus that they're open 24/7, I can feed my cravings at any time.
Jun Jun Dizon
Jun Jun Dizon
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My wife and daughter just had a dinner tonight and we were so happy because the Chicken was so freshly cooked, delicious and crispy. The Friend Chicken and gravy is much better that Jollibee, Churches and KFC coz is not too salty. Coleslaw is also good and it's real vegetables not like other coleslaw taste artificial. Service was great and most importantly, Mel and his staff were very helpful, attentive and easy to deal with. I am highly recommending their Friend Chicken and for sure you'll love it especially your kids.