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School Lunch Program

July 12, 2022

Within this letter is a proposal of our services providing Hot Lunches for your school and your students during the school year. Below you will find a brief introduction to our organization as well as past promotions we have conducted so you can get the full scope of what we can provide for your school!

Hi Five Chicken is a locally born and raised fast-casual restaurant chain that initially began in 2016. Our first location opened in the heart of Vancouver and since then we have spread across the city, with four locations currently open and operating and more grand openings soon to come. Our success stems from the pride we take in making our food with the highest quality ingredients and finding new ways to interact with the community around us.

Pictured above are some of our past promotions that we’ve had with a plethora of organizations. Whether it be providing items at half price for the Local Police Services Program, having a Senior’s Discount Program for our elder customers, or creating a Gift Card Donation Program with the Canadian Blood Services, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community that helped and is currently helping shape our restaurant. Now we would like to extend that offer to you!

For our School Lunch Program, the following options will be available for order at the price of $5 CAD:
2 PC Drumsticks + Fries Box
2 PC Tenders + Fries Box

An option for sauce will be present in the order form and will need to be checked off for any student that wants it with their food.